Walkless Walking Tours

If the mere thought of a lengthy walking tour of a big city makes your feet and head ache, you might consider the latest trend in sightseeing---Segway tours. The tours are named after those odd-looking, two-wheeled "personal transporters" introduced in 2001. Riding around Florence or Paris on a scooter-like transporter might seem tacky, or perhaps just plain silly, but to others it's the perfect alternative to the walk-and-gasp method of traditional guided tours.

Segway tours are now offered in a number of cities worldwide, and while they vary largely by location and company, the average tour costs between $60-80 and includes a 30-minute orientation class. Many tours offer their participants earpieces to listen to their guide's musings. While the "human transporters" relieve the stress of walking, they're not advisable for those who have trouble standing for long periods of time.---Katie Hamlin

Segway guided-tour companies operate in the following cities:

Los Angeles 
New Orleans
San Francisco
Sarasota, Florida
St. George, Utah
St. Louis
St. Petersburg, Florida
Walt Disney World
Washington, D.C. 

Photo courtesy of City Segway Tours Chicago

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